About Us

Goals and Vision

The primary purpose of Christ Methodist Preschool is to encourage children to be self-reliant and cooperative as they develop in this phase of their life. We all want children who feel valued and are willing to be generous with others.

The program at CMP provides an environment of free choice, exploration, and discovery. Activities chosen foster curiosity, creativity, and develop large and small motor skills. During the first five years of life more learning takes place than at any other time. The child’s relationship with the world as well as his/her learning patterns is determined at this time. Therefore, the staff at CMP strives for successful and emotional experiences for each child.

VIP Status

The Community Childcare Council of Sonoma County designated Christ Methodist Preschool as a “Value in Preschool “ site in 2013.  This certification identifies our school as a “high quality preschool,” based upon assessments of our low teacher/student ratio, play-based curriculum, educational environment and positive teacher/student interaction.  One of nine centers in Santa Rosa with the VIP certification, CMP works with the 4C’s to continue our professional development and connection with the community.

Church Affiliation

Christ Methodist Preschool is an outreach program of Christ Church United Methodist. The church’s goal is to support a quality, affordable children’s program for church members and the community.

Christ Methodist Preschool is administered by its directors and the school council. It is ultimately accountable to the Administrative Board of Christ Church. The preschool has no religious component in its program and is administrated independent of the church. The church welcomes everyone to their functions and will notify CMP families of programs of interest. Christ Methodist Preschool is a non-profit organization, licensed by the State Department of Social Services.

"Christ Methodist Preschool, dedicated to child-focused fun, has been an acknowledged leader in the community for many years. As a child development instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College, I looked for a positive preschool experience for our children. Our family was blessed three-fold as each of our sons attended CMP. There they were nurtured by loving, experienced teachers, learned & grew with the other preschoolers & their families, & gained social skills that fully prepared them for kindergarten. The Preschool also had a strong parent participation program that encouraged us parents to participate in both the classroom & the support of the school. Some of the friendships we all developed there are still strong today. I have stayed in touch with the school & continue to recommend this wonderful program to all families of preschoolers." (Glo Wellman, 2014)